Analyst Claims One, Not Two iPhones Will Be Released This Year


Earlier this week, we heard that Apple was planning to release two iPhones in September, however, an analyst has since turned this rumour on its head claiming that only one iPhone will be launched this year.

Analyst Keith Bachman of BMO Capital wrote in a note to investors that rather than releasing a redesigned iPhone 5 as well as a budget handset for the prepaid market in the autumn, Apple will be unveiling an iPhone 4 with bumped up specs as predicted in earlier rumours.

So what about this cheap iPhone we’ve been hearing about? Bachman suggests that instead of releasing a lower-spec device, the iPhone 3GS will be Apple’s answer to a low-end smartphone, something which ties in with previous speculation that the handset would be offered free on contract once the iPhone 5 arrives.

Of course, how successful this move would be depends on how cheap the contracts are, but offering three smartphones on the market is certainly better than two as far as Apple’s sales are concerned.

The next-in-line iPhone, which Bachman referred to as the iPhone 4S, is still on track to be revealed in September.

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