Two New Windows Phone Updates Revealed

The next two Windows Phone updates have been outed on the web after prominent tech sites Digitimes and Boy Genius Report revealed details on Tango and Apollo, the software set to follow Mango update due this autumn.

According to Taiwanese news portal Digitimes, Mango will be shipping in Q4 with Tango arriving at some point next year. The report didn’t specify when the update would land although it did add that Nokia and Acer manufacturer Compal Communications has signed on the dotted line to create Mango devices.

As for Apollo, Boy Genius Report claims it will land at the end of 2012 but both reports didn’t uncover any new features the software updates would bring to the Microsoft table. That hasn’t stopped speculation though, with industry watchers believing Tango will offer some iOS 5-like features missing from Mango. Likewise, it isn’t known whether either will be a major update like the forthcoming Mango, or simply be a bug fix. We imagine at least one of  the two would be a big’un though, more likely Apollo as we reckon that will be released a year after Mango.

Mango steps Microsoft’s OS game up a notch with new, improved features including multi-tasking, integration with Facebook and Twitter, dancing Xbox Live avatars and IE9. Hopefully, we’ll see these in action on Nokia’s highly-anticipated début Mango device, rumoured to be launched on 26 October.

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