Samsung Refused Access To iPhone 5 And iPad 3 Files


Samsung has been denied an early look at the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 after the Korean mobile manufacturer requested to see plans for the two devices as part of a counterclaim in its legal dispute with Apple.

District Judge Lucy Koh presiding dismissed Samsung’s claims that access to plans for upcoming iPhone and iPad models were “highly relevant to its defence”, although ruled that the technology firm could still refer to them in its case.

Judge Koh said: “Common sense suggests that allegations of copying are necessarily directed at Apple’s existing products, to which Samsung has access and could potentially mimic, and not at Apple’s unreleased, inaccessible , next-generation products.”

The decision is the latest victory for Apple in a tough lawsuit against the Korean manufacturer in which Camp Cupertino is suing for design infringement and patent copyright.

While Jobs and Co were granted access to five of Samsung’s unannounced smartphones and tablets as part of the legal spat, the Korean firm’s lawyers decided to turn the tables and requested to see the upcoming iPhone and iPad models in a counterclaim.

Apple may have won the battle but it seems that the war is still far from over between the two technology giants. This one looks set to run and run but we’ll be keeping a close eye on it so you don’t have to.

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