Top Apps For Music Lovers

Today, our phones are full of music with the smartphone very much taking the place of the humble MP3 player.It’s no surprise then , given how easy it is to store, download and listen to music on the move, that app developers have twigged onto the popular trend. Just a cursory look at the music section of the App Store or Android Market will reveal thousands of music related apps, but which ones are really worthy of your attention?

We’ve picked out five apps that no music fan should be without:


Shazam (Free, charge per song tagged)

We have all been in the situation when, whilst in a bar or club, we’ve been racking our brains to remember what song is currently blaring out of the speakers. Well, thanks to Shazam, you need wonder no more.

Simply load up the app, hold your phone to a speaker and, using what we can only describe as technical wizardry, Shazam listens to a short snippet of the track and sends you a message back with the artist, track name, album and year of release.

We don’t exactly know how big the database is but we’ve yet to come across a track that it doesn’t know so, whether you want to identify a track that is stuck in your head, impress your mates or cheat at the local pub quiz, Shazam is the app for you.


Songkick Concerts (Free)

Nothing beats live music and when it comes to finding out who is playing near you, nothing beats Songkick Concerts.

This app scans the artists and bands in your iTunes library and finds out when and where they’re taking to a stage in the local area (or thereabouts). It covers everything from small venues through to festivals and giant stadium gigs.

You can also sign-up to receive push notifications so when a gig is announced, you’ll be amongst the first to know. Even if your band of choice isn’t playing near where you are, Songkick Concerts recommends similar bands playing locally.


Concert Vault (Free, optional premium service)

If you can’t get your hands on a concert ticket to see your favourite band, don’t worry, Concert Vault is here.

This neat app gives you free access to the world’s largest collection of live concert recordings and lets you isten to uncut shows performed by some of the biggest names in music.

The app also allows you to stream recordings, create your own playlists and access radio stations playing hundreds of songs from thousands of concerts spanning from the 1950’s through to today.


PocketGuitar (£0.59)

If you love playing guitar, then PocketGuitar is one app that should definitely be on your phone.

This app turns your iPhone into a guitar so if you get a moment of inspiration when you’re out and about, you can quickly try out your idea on your smartphone.

You could press & strum strings and get the real guitar feeling with six different instruments like Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar and Electric Bass to choose from. You can even experiment with effects like chorus and distortion.


Cleartune (£2.39)

If you are a musician, then Cleartune is an app that could prove to be invaluable. Say you’re preparing for a gig and suddenly realise that your instrument needs tuning, this app will be your saviour as it offers a powerful chromatic tuner function, a note wheel and a fine-tuning meter, both of which let you find the right pitch and tune for your instrument.

It’s versatile too, helping you to tune almost any instrument including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, pianos and brass instruments.

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