Motoblur Name To Be Phased Out

Motoblur is a bit of an opinion divider as far as Android skins go and it seems that Motorola has listened to its critics and stopped mentioning the name in public, although it is still continuing to use the software on its smartphones. Confusing, right?

In a bid to clear things up, Engadget asked the manufacturer what was going on with Motoblur at the unveiling of the Motorola Photon 4G this week. The site reports that while company reps mentioned its user interface during a hands-on session with the new 4.3-inch Tegra 2 handset, Motoblur wasn’t discussed in any press materials accompanying the launch.

A spokesperson from the firm told the tech site that it was moving away from the name, echoing the sentiments Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha expressed during the manufacturer’s Q2 earning’s call last summer, adding that it’s partly to do with public feedback.

In terms of what the future has in store for Motoblur, parts of UI’s social functions will still appear on devices and be joined by more enterprise-focused features. Hopefully some new Moto devices will make it out into the world soon so we can see these new features in action.

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  1. Did anybody else nctoie that the Photon was not in 4G and the Epic touch was. I own a Photon and when it’s in 4G it shows 4G by the signal meter like the Epic touch is showing in the video. As far as the benchmark goes, that gave a clear advantage to the Epic. Not saying it wouldn’t have won but not by that much. Also the Photon has by far the best signal strength of any phone I have ever owned( and i have owned many). Works in my basement where others don’t.

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