Five PlayStation Classics We’d Love To See On the Xperia Play

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has set itself up as a handheld gaming device/smartphone hybrid, and although it’s only been in our lives for a short time, we’re looking to the future. With the E3 Expo having just begun, we’re eagerly awaiting a slew of Xperia Play games to expand our smartphone gaming horizons.

There’s no doubt that we’ll see some top titles in the coming months, but we can’t help but wonder if any of our favourites will ever make it onto the Xperia Play.

We’re coming over all nostalgic for the reprisal of some classic PS One games, and here are five unforgettable games we’d love to see arrive on the Xperia Play.

Final Fantasy VII

Everyone’s favourite Final Fantasy game may not have been the first in the series but for many, it revolutionised the role playing game genre and is still regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time. Although you can unleash your summons and level up via an emulator, it’s no secret that there is something of a clean-up operation going on in the Android Market at the moment, so we’d be ever so grateful if they’d just release it for the Xperia Play.

Resident Evil/Resident Evil 2

Before Resident Evil came along, gaming and horror didn’t really mix. We loved the original, even with its grainy graphics and terrible dialogue, and Resident Evil 2 went against the grain by being one of the best gaming sequels ever made. Fight zombies on our way to work? Yes please Sony.

Metal Gear Solid

When it comes to satisfying our need for hiding in boxes, avoiding pesky guards, cinematic cut scenes and being as stealthy as a ninja, no game does it better than MSG. We already have the likes of Syphon Filter for the Xperia Play but we’d love to see Solid Snake’s first outing up for grabs in the Android Market too.

Tomb Raider

This is another PS One classic that had teenage boys everywhere drooling and for reasons other than Angelina Jolie’s ample charms. A kick-ass heroine, puzzles galore and large, interactive environments made the original Tomb Raider game a must have. We’re sure it’d be a success on the Xperia Play too.

Tekken 3

Bringing Jin’s spinning kicks, Yoshimitsu’s self-sacrificing moves and Hwoarang’s taekwondo style (and amazing hair) to the masses, Tekken 3 is arguably the finest in the Tekken series. We’d hope to see this arcade classic on the Xperia Play so we can button bash on the bus to our heart’s content.

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