All Change! All Change!

They say a change is as good as rest and that’s exactly what we’ve gone and done here at the Dialaphone blog.

You may have noticed things being a bit clunky this past few days, but that’s because we’ve had our army of code-wranglers beavering away in the background, tinkering with the digital levers and pulleys that make the whole thing work.

We hope you like our new look and that it’s easier on both the eye and the mouse – we’ve not only spruced things up visually, but have made navigating around a lot less troublesome too.

There’s a whole load of new stuff for you to acquaint yourself with including some top quality video content that we’ve handily embedded into the blog to save you from having to tootle off to our YouTube channel to find it. You can thank us later.

At the moment though, we’re still in beta, so if you happen to come across anything that doesn’t look quite right (or work in the way it should), please give us a shout in the comments section and we’ll get our rapid response team to fix it quick sharp.

Other than that, enjoy!

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