Images of BlackBerry Bold 9790 Surface Online


BlackBerry World may have only been a few weeks ago but we’re already getting a taster of what RIM next has in store for us. Tech site Reality Mirror has posted some pictures of what it claims to be the BlackBerry Bold 9790, alongside some rumoured specs.

Based on the information given, the Bold 9790 offers some improvements over the BlackBerry Bold 9780 with 8GB of internal memory, NFC support and BlackBerry OS 7. Like the recently announced BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, it’s also said to sport a touchscreen as well as a staple QWERTY keyboard.

As the device is so similar to the newest members of the Bold family, questions have been raised as to where exactly the Bold 9790 fits into the pack. Tech site Pocketnow suggest that the handset could be an in-house testing model rather than being bound for the market, but with it carrying the familiar Bold 9700 name, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be an updated version of the Bold 9780 as we first suspected.

We expect all to become clear in the weeks ahead.

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