HTC Mazaa Show Up Again, This Time With 12 Megapixel Camera in Tow

The unannounced HTC Mazaa has returned after a quiet stint rattling around the rumour mill. This time, we’ve got a picture and even a video of the Windows Phone 7 handset in action, courtesy of mobile leaks extraordinaire, Eldar Murtazin and fellow Russian blogger, Dmitriy Ryabinin.

Murtazin posted a video review of a handset he calls the HTC Mazaa on Mobile-review and although the review itself is in Russian, we do get to see Mango in action or Windows Phone 7.1 as he calls it. The infamous blogger also revealed that the device has a 12 megapixel camera, tying in with recent speculation that HTC is working on a Windows Phone 7 smartphone with a seriously good snapper. Ryabinin, on the other hand, tweeted that rather intriguing picture of the phone’s information where the name HTC Mazaa is clearly shown.

While tech site Pocketnow speculates that the smartphone could be a developer-only device, we could be dealing with the next-in-line HTC Trophy here. After all, HTC is likely to release a new range of Mango devices in the autumn, some of which will probably be updated versions of its current Windows Phone 7 handsets.

While we wait to find out, check out the HTC Mazaa video review below. Admittedly, you’ll only get it if you speak Russian, but have a look anyway:


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