LG Respond To Optimus 2X Screen Issues

LG have responded to complaints from pockets of Optimus 2X owners who claimed that their device’s displays developed a fault causing the screen to turn black and become unresponsive.

Users first raised the issue a few weeks ago and the Korean mobile manufacturer responded to customer feedback by releasing a software patch to solve the problems.

However, it seems that the glitch still remains for some 2X owners and the software fix promised for the end of May has now been put on hold.

The company posted a response on its LGblog.it addressing the situation earlier this week. A translated version reads: “We regret having to announce that the software version expected by the end of the month – in order to solve the instability problems alleged by some customers – has been postponed for several weeks.

“Troubleshooting is taking longer than expected because of the systematic nature of the anomalies reported, involving only a part of owners of LG Dual Optimus. Many customers have found the solution to instability in fact known (and reset the product off the phone is charging) with the upgrade to version V10b, we recommend that in any case to make. We also recommend that you reset the product to the factory settings using the menu “Privacy” after the upgrade.

“However, we are aware of the hardships that some of you are trying with our product. All resources are stretched to the limit of LG to release a best software as soon as possible, but at present we have to move the deadline for issuing the second half of June. We will do everything possible to bring forward this date. We apologize again with all of you who have given us confidence when you buy LG Dual Optimus.”

LG promises more news via its official Facebook  page and LGblog.it after it has investigated further. We’ll endeavour to bring you further updates as we get them.

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