Mobile Networks Expect Overload During Royal Wedding

It seems the whole country is in suspense, looking forward to the upcoming royal wedding this Friday, and mobile network O2 is no different, as they are preparing for mobile networks to be overloaded with people sending texts, videos and pictures of the big day.

The network have predicted that 327 million images will be taken by people on their mobiles during the royal wedding, as fans of the Royal Family and well wishers line the streets of London to capture the historic event. O2 also reckons that a whopping 65 million photos will be shared via social networks like Facebook and Twitter as wedding mania hits fever pitch.

O2 says that 300,000 of its customers will be joining in the wedding celebrations and making a call of at least 60 seconds during the regal event, as well as sending 4 texts or picture messages to friends and family.

What will people most likely be taking a picture of? Well, O2 thinks that the most sought after picture will be the balcony kiss, which better be a good one, because will be printed in history books for years to come!

Because the networks are likely to get jammed up during the proceedings, capacity upgrades are already in place in London and at UK hotspots, with effort concentrated around the main sites of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Royal procession route.

O2 are also on the ball and have also installed high capacity cells in St James’s Park and Hyde Park in London – to provide extra coverage for the wedding event – and have even put together a Twitter list of people to follow, so you can get the royal scoop as it happens!

Will you be at the royal wedding on Friday? Will you be sending pictures of the big event?

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