Android 2.3.4 Coming to a Nexus Near You Soon, Video Calls for Nexus S Included

Google have announced via their @googlenexus Twitter account that owners of the Nexus One and Nexus S will be getting an over-the-air update to Android 2.3.4 ‘in the next few weeks’.

The new version will bring nothing but bug fixes to the Nexus One, but the Nexus S will be getting one new feature too – video cat via Google Talk. Google’s instant messaging service will offer video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi and as the accompanying video indicates, the service should be rolling out to other Gingerbread equipped phones in the future.

After tweeting the news, Google added a clarification on the firmware update, saying ‘you will get the update if you are running Android 2.3.1, 2.3.2 or 2.3.3′, without mentioning the Nexus again – so if your Android phone does have one of those versions, keep an eye on your notification bar.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Android 2.3.4, as another Twitter user claimed to have already made a video call using his Nexus S yesterday; but few expected the official announcement to come so soon.

You can see Google’s video call demo below:

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