How to Take Better Pictures with Samsung Europa

The Samsung Europa only has a two megapixel camera and so it’s not a camera phone that is going to replace your standard digital snapper. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you can do to improve the photos that you take using this mobile phone.

Understand the layout of the camera phone

The most important thing for improving Samsung Europa photos is to understand the layout of the camera screen options. When you look at the Samsung Europa camera in landscape view, you will see that there are four icons each on the left and right sides as well as an information bar of icons on the top of the screen.

Left side icons

The icons on the left side of the camera screen are as follows (from top to bottom):

  1. Shooting Mode. By selecting this icon you can choose different shooting modes, allowing you to take better photos depending on the setting that you’re in.
  2. Night Shot Mode. Simply touch this icon if you want to improve the photos that you are taking at night with your Samsung Europa.
  3. Resolution. This icon is an important one. You can change and improve the resolution of photos by changing this setting. A higher resolution will usually give you a better photo.
  4. Camera Settings. This icon that looks like a cog wheel is very important because this is where you can go to change the advanced settings of the camera. Once you enter this area you can greatly improve your pictures by changing the white balance, setting the ISO sensitivity, applying special effects (such as sepia tones), selecting a new metre exposure and choosing a new quality level for your photos.

Right side icons

On the right side of the camera you will see the following icons (from top to bottom):

  1. Camcorder. Press this button to switch from camera to camcorder on your Samsung Europa.
  2. Timer. Take photos with yourself in them by using the self timer on this camera.
  3. Brightness. Improve the quality of your photos by increasing (+) or decreasing (-) the brightness using this icon.
  4. View your last photo. Use this bottom right icon to make sure that the last picture turned out the way that you wanted it.

Top screen information bar icons

At the top of the Samsung Europa’s camera screen is a lot of helpful information. From left to right you’ll find:

  1. Resolution
  2. Exposure Metre Type
  3. Number of Photos You Can Take Based on Available Memory
  4. Storage Location

This information allows you to easily see if you need to change the resolution or exposure to get a better quality photo from your Samsung Europa.

Zoom on Samsung Europa

Finally, note that you can zoom in and out with this camera using the up and down volume buttons of the phone when preparing to take your picture.

5 thoughts on “How to Take Better Pictures with Samsung Europa

  1. I was wondering that if you can have a ngnitore as a texting tone. Like if someone txts you is it only certain noises you can use or can you use any sound you download? Also have you had any problems with receiving some picture msgs with them being to big? And my last question is if you can have an MP3 formatted sound?

  2. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i Hve followed all the instructions as how to send a picture message,I do as it says but five hours later it is still send ing the damn thing.All innstructions followed to the letter> I really need to send one ASAP.

    • Hi Sandra,

      This could be down to several issues. First off, you may need to check your phone contract to see if it allows you to send picture messages. If you’re not sure, it’s best to check with your provider who should be able to tell you and add MMS messaging to your contract if you don’t already have it.
      If you do have MMS messaging on your contract, this problem could also be down to your phone not having enough memory to send a message. Try clearing your inbox/sent mail box of any messages you no longer need as this might solve your problem.

      If you still have no luck, let us know and we’ll try to find another solution.
      Hope this helps!


      • It’s a Walmart exclusive, aentrppaly, and it sucks. I am a professional photographer and have tested the camera myself (and returned it already). Here’s my review: We asked a friend to pick up this camera for us at Walmart after we discovered the L200 was sold out at Fry’s Electronics, because we thought it was the same camera. Walmart’s ad certainly led us to believe that they were the same. However, once we picked the camera up we discovered that it was actually the BL103, which is nothing less than a really cheap imitation of the L200. Don’t be fooled by the promise of 10.2 megapixels. The images look more like they were taken with a 3.0 megapixel camera. There is also absolutely no red-eye reduction, so don’t get your hopes up about getting decent photos of people if you use the flash. However, you are pretty much forced to use the flash because the camera’s low-light performance (or any kind of light, really) is terrible. There is also a delay before the image is even snapped, so if you’re trying to take spur-of-the-moment shots, that moment will be gone before the camera takes the photo. The camera also had problems reading from the memory card and kept having errors. I’m a professional photographer, so I played with the camera’s manual settings to see if I could get better images than what the auto settings produced. No such luck. No amount of tweaking will be able to get a quality photo out of this camera. Obviously I don’t expect a point-and-shoot camera to give the same performance as an SLR, but even my old Kodak Easy Share 4.0 megapixel camera can pump out better images than the BL103. I wasn’t impressed with the manual settings at all. There were only two f-stops to choose from, and although the camera’s box boasts of being able to shoot clear images at 1600 ISO, the images I shot at 1600 were disgustingly noisy. It was slightly grainy to begin with, even at 100 ISO, and the higher you go, the worse it gets. The shutter speed was missing several standard intervals, but I suppose that doesn’t matter because even changing the shutter speeds, I didn’t notice any difference aside from the number being displayed on the screen. Even if you’re not a pro and have no idea how to use the manual settings, the idea of a point-and-shoot is that anyone can get fairly good pictures at least by using the auto settings. But it’s impossible with this camera, so that in itself is a huge disadvantage.You may think that for 10.2 megapixels, this camera is a great deal for the price. However, I say save your money up for a camera that actually produces good quality images. There are many other reasonably priced point-and-shoot cameras out there (even with less megapixels) that can take better photos than the BL103. Don’t be fooled! This camera is CHEAP and is not worth the money. If you bought it at Black Friday to give as a gift, don’t wait until it’s too late to return it! Do your self a favor and return it and invest in something better. A photo can be priceless, but only if you have a camera capable of capturing it. The BL103 won’t do the job.

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