Nokia’s Symbian Secret Revealed

Last month mobile network Three accidentally leaked full tech sheets for seven key handsets including a few big hitters from HTC, Samsung, LG and Nokia. Not quite satisfied, they’ve gone and done it again.

Over the weekend three videos showing the Nokia X7, Nokia E6 and new Symbian user interface appeared on YouTube. Naturally they weren’t up for long but fortunately for us, the boys over at Engadget managed to capture one before it was pulled…


Thanks to Brendan we’ve got confirmation that the Nokia X7 will have a 4″ touchscreen with the same Clear Black technology as the E7, an 8 Megapixel camera, the latest Symbian offering and a souped up web-browser, which our friendly Three representative assures us is three times faster than the old one.

The other two videos were hastily removed and have stayed that way since. With a Nokia event kicking off at 08:00GMT tomorrow, we expect to see lots more on both the X7 and improved Symbian OS.

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