Will Android 4.0 Be Ice Cream Flavoured?

Mobile watchers will know that Google certainly have a sweet tooth and yesterday they celebrated the 119th birthday of the ice cream sundae with a brand new Google Doodle. But was that the only reason for their latest homepage design?

Wait, what was that – 119th birthday? Well if it seems a bit odd to you too, then perhaps you’ll agree with the rumours that the latest Google Doodle was a nod to the latest incarnation of Android, rumoured to be called – you guessed it – Ice Cream!

Yes, Google’s latest artistic homepage offering featured a rather yummy looking ice cream sundae, complete with drizzled syrup, a wafer and, of course, a cherry on top. It got lots of people thinking; celebrating 119 years seems odd, and this fact hasn’t bypassed those Android fans who are guessing – perhaps correctly – that the latest version of the operating system is to be codenamed “Ice Cream”.

The “Ice Cream” release follows a number of dessert-themed predecessors including Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo (that’s frozen yogurt for all us non-Americans), Éclair, Donut and Cupcake.

Seeing as they’ve all gone in alphabetical order thus far, the letter “I” is next on the list, and so a codename of “Ice Cream” would fit on the menu nicely.

Either way, it sounds very tasty and we can’t wait out to see what delights Android has waiting for us to sample this time around. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see when it’s released and to which handsets.

Do you think “Ice Cream” is the latest code name for Android 4.0? What would you like to see from the latest version?


One thought on “Will Android 4.0 Be Ice Cream Flavoured?

  1. Haha.. Nice speculation, Jenny. I did hear about that rumour too. Seems plausible. Seems we are now guessing software updates, just like guessing what the name of the next hurricane will be called…:-)

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