Hide Caller ID on Motorola Flipout

Do you want to call someone but keep it a secret that you’re the one calling? We won’t ask you for the sordid details about why you don’t want the other party to know that it’s you making the call. We’ll just tell you how to hide your Caller ID information if you’re using a Motorola Flipout:

  • Go to MENU.
  • Select “settings”.
  • Select “call settings”.
  • Select “additional settings” (because that’s where this titbit of information is hiding).
  • Select “caller ID”.
  • Change the setting information to hide your number from the people you call.

Now you can place a call and you’ll show up as an anonymous number. If you find that people aren’t taking your calls because they don’t know who is calling then you can always repeat the steps to show your caller ID information once again.

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