Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Launch: Evening Entertainment

We already thought that Sony Ericsson had pulled off an amazing mobile phone launch when we checked out the Xperia Play Rooms in Central London earlier on in the day, but when it comes to parties, this manufacturer sure knows how to put on a good show.

Queues stretched down the street outside London’s Old Sorting Office ahead of the evening event and although the VIP guests were a mixture of media and competition winners rather than Joe Bloggs an co, the pressure was still on for Sony Ericsson to pull off a memorable party that would go down in smartphone history.

We were greeted with the thumping bass of the resident DJ as we entered the Xperia Play Rooms but even though the fantasy gaming land was very much still in place, the earlier creepy atmosphere had been replaced by a real buzz of excitement. After all, this is set to be one of the biggest events in this year’s industry calendar and Sony Ericsson had pulled out all the stops to make it a success.

Crowds of people had turned up to be a part of mobile phone history and once again, the Sony Ericsson clan was out in force being kept busy by the hoards of gaming geeks and smartphone fans all desperate to have a go on the Xperia Play. But the firm proved that there ain’t no party like a PlayStation party with a free bar on offer (obviously), free food and a crowd-pleasing performance from rapper, Tinchy Stryder who really got everyone going, even those who probably weren’t even there to see him.

Although the Xperia Play turned up to greet its public, the night was not all about the playful handset and while that may sound a little unusual, Sony Ericsson managed to strike up the perfect balance between mobile phone launch and a good time. You see, the décor of the place was enough to remind you of why you were there in the first place and it also gave Sony Ericsson staff a chance to enjoy the festivities too. After all, these guys have probably been waiting for this moment for months. The celebratory nature of the event was clear by the amount that people seemed to be enjoying themselves, as the venue was lit up by smiles.

The party was still in full swing when we left and whatever reasons the guests were there for, they’ll be going home remembering exactly why that event was put on in the first place. Hopefully this won’t be the last Sony Ericsson launch party for a while though – we want to do it again! Xperia Play 2, anyone?

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