What is the Mysterious Nokia T7-00?

Nokia’s model numbers are fairly simple to understand (as long as you don’t delve too deeply), with the Cseries representing the core range, the Xseries its music and entertainment devices, Nseries its top-of-the-range smartphones and so on. So what could a Tseries be?

The T7-00 model number was first spotted in Ovi Publisher Tools over the weekend, and with the current market being what it is, all minds went to the T standing for Tablet. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case, as a closer look at the description reveals a 360 x 640 resolution – not quite tablet material.

Mention of the T7-00 was subsequently discovered in some Nokia code too, adding weight to the rumour and cutting down the chances of a misprint or error. The code confirms the screen resolution and the Symbian^3 OS, plus hinting at a 3.2 megapixel camera, 2 softkeys and a new web browser.

So if the Tseries isn’t a tablet, what could it be? Nokia already have the most obvious markets covered with the C/X/E/Nseries, and phones with a model number starting with a T are more associated with Sony Ericsson than anyone else. It’ll be very interesting to find out.

In our fruitless searching for anything previously related to a Nokia Tseries phone, we did stumble across this, however we doubt (and really, really hope) this isn’t what Nokia will be using to fill the gap between now and Windows Phone 7!

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