The Daily Delivered to Europe During First Half of 2011

News Corp’s iPad newspaper The Daily, will be released in Europe before June this year according to Jonathan Miller, the company’s chief digital officer who was speaking at a media conference yesterday.

Initially available only to those with US iTunes accounts, The Daily has had a difficult beginning following its unveiling in February this year. It was hit with a series of delays prior to launch and since then has suffered at the hands of Apple’s subscription system and application stability issues.

Thanks to these problems, The Daily has been free to download since it was released, but next week will be the first time its content will only be available to those who have paid the subscription fee.  It currently stands at $0.99 for a week or $39.99 for a year. Mr. Miller was quoted as saying “we have our beginning moment of truth next week when we start to ask people to get out their wallets.”

When asked about plans for The Daily’s international rollout, he replied that ”Western Europe is up first”, and cited that this would happen before June 2011. However, before we get too excited, this won’t be a European Daily edition, but the US version sold over here.

When we reviewed The Daily’s first couple of issues, we noted the extensive sports section and US-centric coverage of the news  (naturally, as it’s a US publication) and while someone living in Europe may enjoy a certain percentage of The Daily’s content, we’d be surprised if many decided it was worth paying for.

Perhaps this will change in the run-up to its launch here, and at the very least they’ll include a European section to attract some long-term readership.


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