3D Printers Used To Make Steampunk iPhone Cases

One of the coolest things in 21st Century technology is the 3D printer. This is a machine that allows you to design and actually print out three-dimensional objects ranging from shoes and textiles to sculptures and design prototypes.

One of the most popular trends to emerge in the last 10 years has been the interest in Steampunk designs which is a celebration of Victorian era British fashion, culture and technology. The iPhone is undoubtedly an iconic handset¬† in the world of mobile and although there are now numerous touchscreen phones, Apple’s smartphone was the leader in this important change to the mobile phone industry.

So what do these cool things have to do with one another? They have all been combined in little works of functional art by a company named C Westbrook Designs who use 3D printers to make Steampunk-inspired iPhone cases. These iPhone cases are made from hand-dyed nylon that has a texture similar to denim. They are flexible and lightweight so they are easy to slip over the iPhone and come in a variety of colours for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/ 3GS.

These iPhone cases seem perfect for a true tech lover. They celebrate the gear-based Steampunk designs of two centuries ago to the forward-thinking 3D printers of today. And they do it all while encasing the iPhone, a standout item in modern mobile tech.

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