76% of Londoners Don’t Want Mobile Coverage on London Underground

Following news that Chinese technology company Huawei has volunteered £50million to help bring mobile signal to London’s Underground, research has revealed that many are opposed to plans and don’t want mobiles to be used on the tube.

A survey carried out by GoodMobilePhones.co.uk polled 1,094 Londoners to find out how they felt towards the plans and found that 76% were against the scheme. The study also found the most popular reason people gave for their opposition was their fear of being mugged for their shiny smartphones, quite surprising considering the number of people who use their phones for  apps and games during their daily commute.

Of those surveyed, 16%  said they were worried that coverage on the underground would add to their monthly mobile bills while 14% said that they didn’t want to have to listen to other people’s inane chatter on the tube.

Mark Owen, founder of GoodMobilePhones.co.uk, said: “The news of the underground mobile network certainly has caused quite a stir, but I am surprised to see so many people are against it.

“Not only would it mean you could make calls on the tube, but it could be a great success in the case of any emergency.There are obviously risks with having increased usage of mobile phones on the tube, but these are things that can be sorted.

“Having an underground mobile phone network is the next logical step, following in the footsteps of Paris and Hong Kong, who  have had no major problems.”

What do you think about the plans for mobile network coverage on the tube? Do you think it’s a good idea?

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