Acer’s Windows Phone7 Project Still Live, Will Coincide with Mango’s Release?

Acer unveiled a selection of new tablets and a Dell Streak challenger, the Iconia Smart, at Mobile World Congress last wee. However, we were wondering if they still had plans to enter the world of Windows Phone 7, or if they had decided to stick with Android.

An Acer representative had a chat with Pocket-Lint and confirmed that they are still aboard the Windows Phone 7 train, and that come autumn, we would be seeing their first smartphone using Microsoft’s operating system.

This fits in well with comments made by Acer’s Gianfranco Lanci in December last year, when he said they were concentrating on Android at that time, but working on Windows Phone 7 too. He continued by comparing the potential they saw in Android a few years back with what they saw in Windows Phone 7 now.

As to what an Acer WinPho7 device would be like, the only hint we’ve ever had is from an Acer job posting, which mentioned the ‘Acer M900 WP7 Phone Program’. This model number harked back to a WinMo 6.1 phone from the PC manufacturer, which boasted a sliding keyboard and a 3.8″ screen.

With the prospect of an autumn debut, it’s logical to assume the Acer phone will be part of the second wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets, all primed to run the Mango update we heard a little more about during MWC.

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