Motorola Xoom Gets Official Price Tag…And It’s Not Cheap

Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha has revealed how much a Motorola Xoom will cost following weeks of speculation suggesting that the Honeycomb tablet will have a higher price tag than the iPad.

Spilling the beans to Reuters, Jha confirmed what some probably didn’t want to hear, explaining that a top-notch 32GB 3G version of the Xoom will set buyers in the US back $799. That’s $70 more than the most expensive iPad. A Wi-Fi only version of the tablet is also steeply priced at $600 however, the Moto top dog was quick to defend his company’s final price range choices.

“Competing with Apple you have to deliver premium products,” said Jha, who added that the Xoom’s software will be fully upgradeable. Jha also said that the steep $799 price tag is justified by the tablet’s ability to deliver speedy 4G connectivity on Verizon’s LTE network. While it won’t be available immediately to American users, he told reporters that the LTE upgrade will be free.

$799 in pounds is a more reasonable £495 but we’re expecting the manufacturer to not take much notice of currency conversion rates when they release the Xoom over here. However, considering that we don’t have 4G connectivity available in the UK we would hope they lower the price tag a little for the most expensive version of the tablet to reflect this.

Jha failed to say when the Motorola Xoom would be available on the market but reporters in the US think the tab may launch next Thursday. We’re not sure if this also applies to the rest of the world, but if the Xoom’s release is imminent, it shouldn’t be too long until we hear from Sanjay again.

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