MWC 2011: LG Journeys to a New Dimension with the Optimus 3D

The Optimus 3D and the Optimus Pad may have broken out in picture form last night, possibly in an effort to draw attention away from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, but it was this morning when LG properly unveiled the new smartphone and tablet to the world. We’ll take a look at the Optimus Pad elsewhere, and concentrate on the Optimus 3D here.

We’re less than 24 hours into Mobile World Congress 2011 and we already have been shown some incredible new devices, and LG have now given us another to marvel at! The Optimus 3D has an amazing specification, and could well change the company’s fortunes when it comes to high-end smartphones.  Just take a look at this spec:

  • A 4.3″ touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 800.
  • Dual-core 1Ghz TI OMAP4 processor.
  • GPS and a digital compass.
  • Dual 5 megapixel rear camera lenses.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and DLNA certification.
  • HDMI-out.
  • Google Android 2.2 OS.

Impressive, right? Well it gets better, as the 4.3″ screen displays in 3D without the need for glasses, plus the reason there are two 5 megapixel camera lenses is so you can shoot actual 3D content yourself – stills or video! Because the screen is 3D, your snaps and movies will appear in 3D as you shoot them too.

The 3D support doesn’t end there either, as LG have an exclusive partnership with YouTube 3D and the HDMI-out port supports v1.4, so all your 3D pictures and video can be streamed to your 3D TV.

To take further advantage of the 3D screen, LG have added five dedicated 3D user interface sections – the gallery, games and applications, the camera, a 3D guide and the aforementioned YouTube 3D.

Amazingly, LG didn’t stop there, as powering the phone is a 1Ghz Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processor which they claim is the world’s most powerful ‘dual-core, dual memory’ chip. Judging by the performance tests they showed during the press conference, this certainly isn’t an exaggeration.

Add in 2D 1080p video recording (3D is only in 720p), a mass of codec support from DivX to H.264, DLNA streaming, 3D video upload to YouTube 3D, 8GB onboard memory, Flash 10.1 and all the usual Google goodies that Android brings with it, and the Optimus 3D becomes a feature-packed monster of a phone!

The Optimus 3D looks like a huge leap forward for LG, with an impressive and at this stage, almost unique feature set. We cannot wait to give this phone and all its 3D abilities a thorough workout; and we shouldn’t have long to wait either, as it’s set for release between now and the end of March!

You can see LG’s unusual explanatory video of the Optimus 3D’s processor below:

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