No MotoBlur for Moto Xoom

Motorola has clarified that the Xoom tablet will not come with MotoBlur and instead offer a pure Android experience. The highly-anticipated slate received a warm welcome when it was officially announced at CES earlier this month and was named the best gadget on show by the event partner Cnet.

The Xoom has given us plenty of reasons to get excited about its arrival, it being the first tablet to show off Google’s specially optimised Android OS, version 3.0 Honeycomb. The inclusion of a dual-core Tegra 2 processor topped off some impressive specs.

The manufacturer’s own user interface (MotoBlur) hasn’t been as warmly received as other custom skins like HTC’s Sense, but it’s a wise move from Motorola to not include the UI on its latest and quite possibly greatest device,  especially when the world is yet to see what Honeycomb has to offer.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed to Intomobile that they have “no plans to customise the software with MotoBlur” and whilst the news is likely to please many, we wouldn’t rule out seeing MotoBlur enhanced tablets making their way to the market in the future.

Motorola hasn’t confirmed when exactly the Xoom will be hitting the shelves but recent reports have pegged a release date of 17 February.

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