LG Optimus Me to You, Soon

LG have added some pictures of their latest low/mid-range phone, the P350 Optimus Me,  to their Facebook page.  The new Android phone is a fun looking device aimed at younger buyers wanting their first proper smartphone.

As you can see from the picture, the Optimus Me will be available in what LG describe as a ‘vibrant colour range’, and features a small touchscreen with a set of touch-sensitive buttons and a call start/end rocker beneath them.

The screen size isn’t currently known, though 3″ or 3.2″ seems probable, and it’s defiantly going to be a 3G phone with Wi-Fi and GPS. Around the back you can see the top-centre lens for the 3 megapixel camera, and there’s going to be a microSD card slot somewhere too.

Inside the P350, a 600Mhz processor is likely to be found, while version 2.2 of Android will be its operating system. The low-speed chip and small screen should keep the price of the Optimus Me down, and those well-chosen colours should make it popular. The release date isn’t known, but we expect LG to have the phone on display during Mobile World Congress.

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