What is the Most Wanted Gadget of 2011? We’ve Got the Answer…

CES gave the tech world a real kick start in 2011 but towards the back end of last year, we still had some very exciting devices to look forward to. Because we’re a bit OCD here at dialaphone, we like to keep things nicely ordered and so we rounded up the pick of the bunch and asked our  readers which one they wanted to get their hands on the most, figuring that the gadget they liked most is probably the one which will hit the big time in the coming twelve months.

We drew on the latest announcements and rumours to decide on our final line up which consisted of; a dual-core Android smartphone, a dual-core Android tablet, the iPad 2, iPhone 5, RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, a MeeGo device, a 3D phone and the PlayStation Phone.

Unsure of what the end results would be ourselves, we sat and watched as you guys had your say and witnessed some devices start at the top before slowly making their way down to the bottom of the pile. There was no overwhelming majority for any particular handset or tablet but one still stood out above all the rest gaining 27% of the total vote – the dual-core Android smartphone. Apple fans may not be best pleased with the result – the firm is already reported to have been piped to the most popular manufacturer post in the US by Google - but it goes to show that LG and Motorola’s efforts to get in first ahead of the iPhone 5 may have paid off with the LG Optimus 2X and Motorola ATRIX showing the public why dual-core processor smartphones are the next best thing. We’re only a few weeks into 2011 so the number of dual-core handsets is likely to rocket by the time 2012 comes around. 15% of those surveyed voted for the iPhone 5 as the device they most wanted to buy this year and whilst there’s still plenty more to learn about the upcoming handset, the ever growing Android portfolio will no doubt prove to be an increasing threat to Camp Cupertino.

However, it was a different story when it came to tablets with the iPad 2 getting 12% of the vote whereas dual-core Android tablets received 8%. Even though we haven’t officially met the iPad 2 yet, the number of votes it received may be down to the people’s unfamiliarity with the brand new tablet-orientated Android OS, version 3.0 Honeycomb. We may have seen preview videos of what the new software has in store, as well as demos on the devices themselves, but considering that Apple isn’t likely to change the OS dramatically for the new pad, this has probably helped them out in this situation.

Another interesting result came in the form of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s performance, receiving only 7% of the total vote. RIM’s tablet got rave reviews after the firm gave CES attendees the opportunity to get hands-on with the device,  but the unfamiliarity with the operating system may have lost it some votes from the public. When it was first announced in September 2010, the PlayBook offered some exciting new features such as a dual-core processor, video calling and 1080p HD playback, but with the XOOM also offering the exact same functions, it isn’t unique to the market anymore.

Speaking of new operating systems, MeeGo is also expected to make the headlines this year and it seems that many of you are hoping to hop on board the boat once Nokia unleashes it.  22% of respondents wanted to bag a handset running the long awaited OS and judging by the reaction so far, this could be Nokia’s year if they deliver the goods.

The PlayStation Phone also received a low number of votes with only 8% of readers saying they most wanted to pocket the much talked about gaming device. However, we reckon this could be down to the handset still being unofficial (but that should hopefully change at Mobile World Congress). It’ll certainly be interesting to see if this reaction changes should the handset get the official stamp of approval.

3D phones were the devices getting readers least excited with only 1% of participants stating this was the gadget they most wanted. Again, this could be due to the lack of details on the technology at the moment but with twelve whole months ahead of us, who knows what the manufacturers may have thrown our way come December 31st. Either way, it looks like we have plenty of great mobile technology to try, test and hopefully enjoy throughout 2011.

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