Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week, including a pair of new Samsung Android phones, the first Windows Game Room titles, Facebook for feature phones and a BMW 1-series controlled by a Nokia C7!

1.  Two New Samsung Android Phones Leaked.

A pair of new Android smartphones could be launched at Mobile World Congress next month, going by the name of the Galaxy Ace and the Galaxy Suit. Both will be full touchscreen phones running Android 2.2, with the Ace boasting a 3.5″ Super AMOLED screen and a 5 megapixel camera.

2.  Windows Game Room Launch Titles Revealed.

The retro-themed Game Room familiar to Xbox owners will be coming to Windows Phone 7 soon, and the first wave of games available will include Shao-Lin’s Road (which we saw in video form recently), Atari’s Asteroids Deluxe and the classic Centipede.

3.  Nokia C5-03 Confirmed for UK.

The Nokia C5-03 was announced a while back, but is only now getting its official UK release, plus a few more confirmed specs. It should be out around now, and is a 3.2″ touchscreen phone with 3G and a 5 megapixel camera. The OS is Symbian^1 and it’s worth noting that the touchscreen is a resistive item and not a capacitive one. That’s not so good, Nokia.

4.  Ovi Store Update Brings Fuzzy Search.

If you’re an Ovi Store user, your searches should have been better this week, as Nokia have introduced a fuzzy search suggestion system inside the store. Now you won’t have to be spot on with your spelling or punctuation when looking for applications. Neat.

5.  Nokia C7 Controls BMW 1-Series.

A pair of clever guys create an application on their C7 that can remotely control their specially modified BMW 1-series. We’ve seen something similar before, but that was in Tomorrow Never Dies, and only make-believe whereas these two really did it! Watch the video below:

6.  Dell Venue Pro Out in Germany First.

The poor old Dell Venue Pro has suffered several delays in its journey to Europe, but the latest report suggests it’s almost ready to go. That said, Dell still haven’t given it an actual date, just that it’ll be out in Germany before it heads to any other European countries.

7.  Nokia X7 Cancelled by…

Another phone which has lived a lifetime before it even gets made official is the Nokia X7. It has been leaked several times, and the last time it was wearing AT&T branding. Then, just days later, the news comes out that the phone has been cancelled by either Nokia or AT&T. The story continues as the Wall Street Journal say the decision was Nokia’s, and that the US network wasn’t doing enough to convince them it was worth the bother.

8.  Facebook Comes to Feature Phones.

Social network Facebook, in conjunction with Snaptu, have released an application designed to run on feature phones. The new app is said to be able to work on 2500 phones, including those from Nokia, LG and Sony Ericsson. You can download Snaptu’s application from their Facebook page, and get all sorts of other little widgets for it too.

9. Ex-Nokia Boss Goes Golfing.

Former VP of Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, has joined GameBook, a developer of a handheld, real-time golf scoring systems. They’ve recently added a pair of iPhone applications, offering a live leaderboard and the chance to see other player’s progress while they play, to their range of products. Fore!

10.  Meet the Line Phone Concept.

The Line Phone is an innovative  touchscreen concept phone with interactive side panels for performing different functions.  It also uses gestures, multiple screens and has a cool, minimalistic UI.  A great concept, certainly, but could it really work in the real world?

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