How To Make The Most Of The Camera On The BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry’s aren’t known for their multimedia capabilities, but breaking the mould is the BlackBerry Torch 9800 which has a pretty impressive 5megapixel camera. Autofocus and an LED flash as standard; these will improve your pictures tenfold. However, there are still a load of additional features onboard to make your images perfect first time round. Check out the guide below to find exactly what’s on offer.

Taking and viewing photos

Let’s start with the basics, taking a picture – Tap the camera icon on the home screen. Zoom in and out using the trackpad and then click the trackpad again to take the picture. Once you’ve captured your image, it’ll stay on the screen until you choose to either ignore it or delete it. You can carry on taking as many pics as you like, once you’re done, head to the menu and click Media > Pictures. All your recent snaps will be in there.

Camera screen settings

You can easily change many of the basic camera settings on this phone. Go into the camera by clicking the camera icon on the home screen. Before taking a photo you can do the following things:

  • Select whether you want automatic, manual or no flash by pressing on the flash icon at the bottom of the screen. This setting is saved when you close the camera.
  • Select a scene mode (such as “nighttime”) by pressing the scene mode icon, which is also located at the bottom of the screen. This setting will also be saved when you close the camera so change it back if you only wanted to use it once.
  • Tag your photo with your location. Simply press the geotagging icon on the bottom of the screen.

BlackBerry menu options

You can change additional camera settings as well by opening up the standard camera menu, pressing the BlackBerry menu and selecting “options”.

Changes that may improve your photos include:

  • Picture size. A bigger picture size makes for a better photo but will take up more memory in the phone. After selecting the size you want, press the BlackBerry MENU again and save.
  • Autofocus. You can select single shot, continuous or none for the autofocus on this phone. Leave it on single shot for traditional still subject shots.
  • Digital Zoom. Turn this off and on by checking the box then press the MENU and save.
  • Image Stabilisation. Marking this option turns it on and will reduce the blurriness of your photos. After marking the box, press MENU and save.

Additional changes you can make in this section of the phone include:

  • Picture Review. Your phone is set to show you the picture you’ve just taken for a short time. You can change this option to turn it off or to keep the phone on the screen longer. After making your selection, press MENU again and save.
  • Store Pictures. If you want your pictures to be stored somewhere else in the phone other than in your “camera pictures” folder then change this setting here. Press MENU and save.
  • Warn When Pictures Remaining Drops To. The name of this option says it all. Set the number you want and press MENU and save.

One thought on “How To Make The Most Of The Camera On The BlackBerry Torch

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