Sony Ericsson Arc to Feature Multi-Touch Technology

The newest addition to the Xperia family, the Sony Ericsson Arc, may be kitted out with 32-point multi touch capabilities after it has come to light that the super slim handset is fitted with a Cypress True Touch digitiser.

The incorporated technology would see an end to two-fingered touchscreen control and allow the Arc to handle up to 32 points of contact at once. Whether it’s humanly possible for someone to throw that many multi-touch gestures the Arc’s way at the same time is a whole different ball game, but it could open up new doors for potential games and apps that could take advantage of the exciting feature.

Those who had an up close and personal meet with the Sony Ericsson Arc uncovered the Cypress tech, meaning the chances of the next generation multi-touch technology already being in the open market is very likely. Sony Ericsson is yet to comment on the findings but this could be a great selling point for the Arc if it’s true. Let’s hope they clear the air soon.

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