Windows Marketplace Has 6,000 Apps – Two Weeks After Reaching 5,000.

Microsoft has revealed that its Windows Marketplace has crossed the 6,000 apps mark, just two weeks after it reached 5,000 apps. The impressive new figures show that the app store, given a major boost by Windows Phone 7, is rapidly growing in popularity and while it may have a way to go to match the huge number of apps Apple and the Android Market boast, it’s slowly but surely catching up with the more established stores.

According to WP7AppList, the Marketplace has an average of 116 new apps added to it every day, with 71 per cent of those available being paid-for apps. Games is the most developed category accounting for 23 per cent of the entire Marketplace, followed by Tools with 14 per cent of the total app share.

Microsoft is off to a great start in 2011 and with more Windows Phone 7 devices thought to be in the pipeline, it looks like the only way for the manufacturer is up.

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