Three New HTC Devices Due at CES

It’s mere days until the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show opens its doors in Las Vegas, which means we don’t have long to go before a whole stack of wonderful new gadgets are announced. HTC is expected to be unveiling several new devices, and a source speaking to the Taiwanese Central News Agency puts the figure at three.

The report states that they’ll all be launched with ‘telecom partners’ at CES, which could indicate whatever they’ve got planned will initially be for the US-only; although we’re hoping for this not to be the case!

As to what the three products will be, we can make some educated guesses. It almost goes without saying that the HTC Thunderbolt will be announced, as it has already been leaked with Verizon’s name attached and is set for their 4G LTE network; but then it’s a little more speculative.

The HTC 7 Pro is a possibility, as it was initially due before Christmas but then delayed, or there is the Evo Shift 4G; another US device, this time set for the Sprint network. We also wonder whether the rumoured HTC Scribe tablet will be shown, and whether it’ll be network-backed and therefore one of the possible three.

The Thunderbolt could be at the heart of Verizon CEO’s opening keynote on the 6th, but as for the others, they could turn up later in the show.

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