Smartphones Skyrocket Since 2000

The fine future-facing folk over at io9 have summarised the last decade and one conclusion is clear: smartphones are beating everything. Their great graphic covers everything from casual entertainment to earthquakes (the exact opposite of casual entertainment), but the bit that really caught our eye was mobile phone subscriptions. As you might expect.

That’s incredible. By comparison with the modern world, we didn’t use phones at all in 2000 and it forces you to realise that it really has been an entire decade. If that makes you feel old, we apologise but remind you that the passage of time isn’t actually our fault. What we see is an almost 100% increase in mobile phone updates and the revelation that mobile Internet is actually more widespread than the old image of the wired desktop terminal. (A result which makes the recent FCC failure to protect wireless technology even more worrying.)

We live in the most advanced period of human history, and it loves smartphones. Let’s keep going!

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