Guide to BlackBerry Torch 9800 Feature Availability

You will often find “how to” guides for your phone model only to discover that the information doesn’t work. A common reason for this is that the feature discussed in the guide isn’t actually available on your device for a number of reasons. We describe five different issues that may affect feature availability on the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

  1. The model of your device. Many of the different “how to” guides that you’ll come across are for general BlackBerry phones or various other models in the series rather than guides specific to the BlackBerry Torch 9800. The device model can affect various features including your Wi-Fi connection, internal GPS and camera functions.
  2. Wireless service provider. Many of the features on your phone are determined by the wireless service provider that you’re using rather than the device itself. If you’re having issues accessing features like text messaging and location-based services then you should contact your wireless service provider to see if they can help with the problem.
  3. Wireless service plan. Sometimes the problem isn’t actually the provider but the plan you have selected from them. Specific plans are obviously required to allow for text messaging, email and other data connections so if you’re having issues with those things then contact your provider and discuss whether or not the plan is the problem.
  4. Wireless network. When you are roaming around, hopping from one wireless network to another, some features on your BlackBerry Torch 9800 might be affected. For example, some wireless networks fail to support calling features like call forwarding and call blocking.
  5. BlackBerry Internet Service / BlackBerry Enterprise Server. When you set up your email account you’re either associating it with the BlackBerry Internet Service (if it’s a personal account) or BlackBerry Enterprise Server (if it’s a corporate account). If you are having trouble accessing features related to your email or a third party instant messaging account then it may be because your email address isn’t set up properly with one of these services. This is rarely a problem for the casual user but corporate users may find that numerous features are limited or unavailable because of the settings that the enterprise server administrator has chosen for the account. Talk to your admin if you’re having this issue.

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