Simple Conference Calling on Nokia X3-02

The conference call feature on the Nokia X3-02 is a really basic feature. However, it can be confusing because it doesn’t use the standard “merge calls” option like most other handsets.

Here’s how to complete a conference call on this phone:

  • Call the first person that you want to participate in the conference call.
  • Wait for them to answer.
  • Ask them to hold for a moment.
  • Press “options”.
  • Select “more” to see additional options.
  • Press “new call”.
  • Enter the contact information for the second person that you wish to join the conference call.
  • Press the call key on your Nokia X3-02 handset.
  • When the second caller picks up, ask them to hold.
  • Press “options”.
  • Select “conference”.
  • The calls will now all be merged together into one conference call.

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