Palm’s 2011 Tablet Codenamed Topaz

OK, so we already know that Palm is planning to release their entry into the tablet market sometime in 2011, as the beans were spilled earlier in the year; but a recent leak has given us a better idea of what we can expect – but in a rather roundabout way.

The leak in question does relate to the tablet, but actually concerns a peripheral for the device, in the shape of a Bluetooth keyboard.  The image appears to be a product information page and has a picture of the keyboard – which has a design reminiscent of Apple’s wireless one – and a few features.

It’s quite basic and is obviously designed to be a no-frills portable solution, as it doesn’t have a number keypad or backlit keys. It does look very thin though.

The information provided with the leaked picture says the tablet is codenamed Topaz and that it’ll be out during the first half of next year. The keyboard will be sold for general use, but the webOS function keys suggest it’s primarily set for use with the tablet.

So, we’ve got a name, and now we’d like a face to go with it please!

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