How to Talk to Your HTC Trophy

The HTC Trophy is designed to work with you whether your hands are free or not. Voice commands on this phone are ready to go and all you need to know is the right thing to say.

Activating Voice Commands

In order for this to work, you simply need to let the phone know that you’ll be using voice commands. You do this by pressing down and holding the start button. It doesn’t matter where you are in the phone when you do this. (In other words, you don’t need to return HOME before performing this action, making it simple to do even when you are busy with other things.) This will bring up the phone’s “tell me” feature and you can then speak to get what you want done.

Tell HTC Trophy to Call Someone

The simplest function to remember on the HTC Trophy handset is the voice command as when you want to call someone, just say “call”. Then, tell the phone the name of the person that you want to ring and specify what number (such as home or work). For example, if you wanted to call Joe Schmoe at his home number then you would say, “Call Joe Schmoe, Home”.

Tell HTC Trophy to Find Something Online

This phone is set up to easily search through the Bing mobile search engine to find information for you. For example, let’s say that you are driving along and need to find the closest grocery store. Simply say to the phone “find grocery store” and the search will be launched in Bing.

Tell HTC Trophy to Open an App

You can easily open apps on this phone using the simple voice commands. All you need to remember to say is “open” and then you can say the name of the app. For example, if you want to get into the calendar on the phone then you would say, “open calendar”.

What to Do if Your Voice Command Doesn’t Work

Even though the voice commands are simple on this phone, you may have a momentary memory lapse and forget what options are available to you. In that case, simply ask your phone, “what can I say?” and it will let you know what your options are for finding information using your voice commands.

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