Battle of the Smartphones: US Army Plans to Add Smartphone to Soldiers’ Kit

Smartphones have taken over our lives and are helpful in so many ways – they let us talk, shop, watch videos, do work and play games – imagine if we could transfer some of these features to make them useful in military situations.

Well, it seems that the US Army agree because according to their director of the Army Capabilities Integration Centre, Michael Vane, they are considering introducing a smartphone to the basic kit for soldiers, to make life on the battlefield easier.

Lieutenant General Vane says that the military is carrying out testing of smartphones in the field, saying: “One of the options potentially is to make it a piece of equipment in a soldier’s clothing bag.” Smartphones are currently being tested in the garrison and school house, but future testing will see the deployment of the devices in war zones. And it doesn’t stop there, apparently it’s not just smartphones that they’re looking at but also things like iPads and eBook readers.

The aim is to change how soldiers access knowledge, information, training content and operational data. If they can combine all this information into one permanent content stream via a mobile device it could change the way soldiers work and learn.

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