How to Turn your iPhone into a Remote using Surc

We are getting to that point in time when we will no longer need a handful of remote controls to operate all of the various devices that we have in our homes. We’ll be able to use a single mobile phone to operate all of our home devices instead. The Surc case is one new option for doing that with the iPhone.

What is Surc?

Surc is a case that works in conjunction with a free iPhone app to add a universal infrared remote for your home device. It works with the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 but requires iOS 4.

How to Get the Surc Case

The Surc case is almost ready to go and will be available on the market in the next few months. The company’s website is already up and running.

How to Use Surc

Once you have gotten the Surc case, follow these steps to turn your iPhone into a universal remote for your home:

  • Download the free app that works with Surc. It’s available in the iTunes App Store. Install the app and restart the iPhone.
  • Create an account to be a part of the Surc community. This will allow you to backup your remote as well as to share remotes with other people. For example, you might want to be able to use both your phone and your spouse’s phone to control the TV at home.
  • Inside of the app, search the Surc database for the device that you want to add (to operate with your iPhone). You can easily select the brand and type of your device to add it to your phone. After doing this, you’ll be able to use the iPhone to remotely control the device.

What if Your Device Isn’t In the Database?

If you search through the database and don’t find your device (for example, let’s say that you have an old television set), you can still control it with your iPhone. There are two options for adding it to Surc:

  • Search remotes in the Surc community to see if someone else has already added it and then add it yourself.
  • Customise the remote to your device. You can actually train the Surc app to work using the real remote that you already have for your device. By pushing the proper buttons on that remote, you’ll teach the app how to recreate the necessary infrared signals to operate the device.

Customise and Utilise Surc

Within the app you will find many different options for customising your remote such as creating whole room remotes that enact a series of steps to help you turn each device on. For example, you could set up a series of steps that turns on your DVD, HDTV and surround sound speakers, turns your channel to the proper setting, creates the right audio level and adjusts the picture to your preferences. You can also assign a single gesture to each button.

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