How To Use Shortcuts on Motorola DEFY

Life is always easier when you know some good shortcuts and every mobile phone has some that simplify the process of using it. Here is the information you need for accessing many different shortcuts on a Motorola DEFY handset:

  • Press the HOME screen button. This is the quickest and simplest way to return back to the phone’s home screen. However, there’s more to it than that. If you touch and hold this same button then you’ll see all of the apps that you’ve used recently. This is a great quick way to get back to the apps that you want to use.
  • Google Search Options. Press the search icon to activate the option for using Google Search. You can also press and hold this same icon if you want to activate the voice option for searching with Google. After doing this, you can speak to the phone to perform your search.
  • Touch the green phone and select “recent”. This is the fastest way to explore the numbers that you’ve dialled recently. Press the one that you want to call for quick shortcut dialling.
  • Press the POWER button. This will sleep your phone if it is awake and wake it up if it is asleep. However, if you press and hold this same button then you can turn the flight mode on or off.
  • When you’re on the home screen, touch and hold on any empty place and press Motorola Widgets. From here you’ll see the option to toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS. This is a great way to gain quick access to information about these three tools.
  • Another touch and hold option is the one that helps you easily move or delete widgets on this phone. Simply touch and hold the icon for the widget that you want to alter which will make it wiggle. When it does, you can drag it to a different place or to the trash bin on the bottom right side of the screen.

Finally, an important thing to know is that you can easily create your own shortcuts to access apps and contacts on this phone. Simply go to the HOME screen, select “add to home screen,” choose “shortcuts” then add the app or contact that you want to have access to.

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