How to Use Blackberry Torch 9800 Voice Commands

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is set up to allow you to use voice commands. This simplifies your use of the phone once you get used to using it. This guide can get you started.

Improve voice recognition

First you’ll want to make it easy for the phone to recognise your personal voice and accent. You can improve voice recognition by doing the following things:

  • Go HOME or enter a folder on the phone.
  • Press “options”.
  • Select “call management”.
  • Select “voice dialling”.
  • Go to “voice adaptation” and click “start”.
  • Follow the on-device instructions to teach the BlackBerry Torch 9800 to recognise your voice.

Set the language for voice commands

Your phone should be set to English but you can change the voice command language to something else if you desire. Follow these steps:

  • Go HOME or enter a folder on the phone.
  • Press “options”.
  • Select “typing and input”.
  • Select “language and text input”.
  • Go to the “voice dialling language” field and change it to the language you plan to use for voice commands.
  • Press MENU and save.

Use voice commands

Once you have set up the voice recognition and language then you are ready to start using voice commands on the phone. It’s super easy on this handset. Just go HOME or into a folder and select the “voice dialling” option, wait for the beep, then speak the command that you want to use. The following commands are available on the BlackBerry Torch 9800:

Common commands:

  • Call (contact name). For example, call Bob.
  • Call (phone number). State the exact number with area code.
  • Call (contact name + phone number type). For example, call Bob at work.
  • Check signal strength. This tells you what your wireless coverage level is.
  • Check network. This tells you which network you’re phone is currently connected to.
  • Check battery. This tells you how much battery power you have left.
  • Cancel. Say this to close the voice dialling option.

Additional commands:

  • Call extension number. This is available if you’ve set it up on your phone for extensions within your own work company number. To do this, go HOME, press the green phone icon, press MENU, select “options and choose “smart dialling”. Enter the number for your company, the period of time you want the phone to wait before dialling an extension, the length of extension numbers. Hit MENU and save.
  • Check my phone number. This tells you what BlackBerry number you are using to make the call. You only need this if you are running multiple numbers on the same device.
  • Repeat. If you’re using voice prompts on the phone you can say “repeat” to hear the last prompt again.

Voice Prompts and Choice Lists

When you use your voice command tool, you will be given voice prompts as well as choice lists. These help your phone decide what you want it to do. However, you may wish to turn these off if they get annoying. Go HOME or into a folder, select “options”, choose “call management” and then “voice dialling”. Select “choice lists” or “audio prompts”, turn the option to off and click MENU and save. You can turn off either or both. With “voice prompts” you can also choose between “detailed” and “basic” prompts if you just want to limit the available options.

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