Better Video Calls with New Fring Technology

Fring is one of the mobile VoIP sites that has been around longer than most. Way back in early 2008 it was listed in our top ten sites that let you use mobile VoIP for free and in 2009 it was the first to introduce mobile VoIP video calls. In the face of competition from Skype and Google Voice, Fring has had to make some improvements to stay on top of the game. The latest announced improvement is a change to their video calling technology that is designed to make both audio and video calls better.

Most mobile video calls are currently stuck with fixed video quality but Fring’s new proprietary technology, called Dynamic Video Quality (DVQ), is designed to continuously adjust a mobile video call to match the available Internet bandwidth.¬† This new technology continuously reviews what the available Internet bandwidth is and automatically adjusts the quality of the call as necessary to give users the best possible call quality.

People who are placing a Fring video call using their mobile phones are most likely moving from place to place meaning that the bandwidth levels are constantly changing. The constant adjustment of the new technology allows both parties to hear and see the highest quality call available even when moving through different bandwidth levels. The call quality is then balanced out and optimised for both callers. Reportedly the technology even allows you to continue your video calls when getting into an elevator and riding to a different floor!

The new DVQ video calling is available as an app download for both the iPhone and Android handsets. Sadly there’s no news for Symbian users as of yet.

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