iPad 2 Shipping in February 2011

Foxxconn Electronics has reportedly been informed that the iPad 2 will be shipping in the next 100 days. The news comes from sources at Taiwan-based component makers who claim that 400,000 to 600,000 units will be shipped by the end of February in time for an April release.

Both Apple and Foxxconn have yet to confirm if the rumours are true, but Camp Cupertino is said to have set their original January mass production date back because the device’s firmware is still in testing. However, this revised shipping date should still keep the company on track to release their latest tablet a year after the first model came out into the world.

Initial reports suggested that we could be seeing the iPad 2 arrive ahead of the usual annual cycle in a tactical move by Apple to keep punters from straying to other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab which comes with cameras and phone calling capabilities. However, more recent speculation has pin-pointed an April/May release for the new iPad which would land at the same time as the BlackBerry PlayBook sparking another ‘war of the tablets’ style sales battle.

The iPad 2 is due to arrive with a whole host of revised features including FaceTime video calling, dual cameras, a USB port and a carbon fibre body. Considering that the original iPad was announced back in January, we’re hoping for a similar story this time round too. At least we only have a few weeks to wait and see!

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