Nokia X3-02 Hidden Chat Notifications Tip

The Nokia X3-02 handset is great for people who like chatting on their phones. It allows you to sign into multiple chat systems and leave them running in the background while doing other things on your device. One great tip to help chatters on this phone is to hide your chats but still make sure you receive notifications of new messages when they do come up.

First, you’ll want to change your settings so you can receive new message notifications even when chat is hidden. To do this, go into the main chat section and select “options”. Choose “more” and then “settings”. From the desired notification types, select to receive notifications when chat is hidden and then save this setting.

After this, you can easily hide your chats and still receive notifications. To hide chats simply go to MENU, select “messaging”, choose “chat” and select to “hide”. This keeps your chats off the screen until you receive a new message and want to get back into them.

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