More Tegra 2 Excitement: LG Star Benchmarked and Motorola Olympus Out Soon?

Two snippets of Tegra 2 news have recently hit the wires and although neither pieces reveal a new device for us to get excited about, they do bring us updates on the two Tegra phones we know about; namely the LG Star and the Motorola Olympus.

Appearing on an Android forum, the LG Star has apparently made it our into the world, as one member showed some pictures of the device and its OS before putting it through a benchmarking test. Aside from the 8 megapixel camera and LED Flash on the rear panel, the images also show an HDMI socket ready to make use of the Tegra 2′s HD video streaming capability.

The benchmarking test highlighted the strength of the Tegra 2 chip, easily beating all the other listed Android devices, including the Nexus One and the Samsung Galaxy S. This particular model disappointed in one area though, as it’s seen running Froyo, although we hope the final production phone will make use of Gingerbread instead.

The Motorola Olympus is the other Tegra 2 beast on the block, and it could be coming out sooner than you may expect. An AT&T employee answered a question regarding the release date of the phone via the US network’s Facebook page, saying the Olympus ‘should be available in December or January’. Of course, the post was quickly deleted, but it was already too late.

This could indicate the Olympus will be headed to the US initially, with a European launch under a different name later on. This seems to be Motorola’s preferred method recently, so it’s probably not going to be any different here.

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