‘Massive’ Windows Phone 7 Update Coming in January

Microsoft’s first update for Windows Phone 7 is due to land in January and has been dubbed ‘massive’ by developer, Chris Walsh. It looks likely that the revised software will offer up some of the basic functions that the current Windows Phone 7 platform lacks, including multitasking as well as copy and paste.

Turn by turn navigation for Bing Maps and custom ringtone support are tipped to come with the update too. Although we still can’t get our heads around why Microsoft didn’t include these staple OS functions on their new software platform in the first place, developers who have seen the updated version seemed very excited about it over a conversation on Twitter, with one tweeting “MS took 3 months to do what Apple did in 3 years.”

We hope that they’re referring to multitasking and copy and paste functions as those simple additions could really help Microsoft up their game, although the ‘multitasking’ element of this update will probably allow users to run several apps in the background rather than anything more complex.

Screenshots of the first Windows Phone 7 update have been promised by Chris Walsh later today – stay tuned!

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