How to Use iPhone Voice Memos

A built-in iPhone feature that you may not be using (but might like if you try it) is the voice memo tool which turns your device into a voice recorder. You can use it to record ideas on the fly to write down later or to create personal messages to share with others who may want to hear your voice.

Here are 5 basic things you should learn to do if you want to use iPhone voice memos:

  1. Record a memo. Enter the voice memo tool. Press the red dot located on the bottom left corner of the screen to begin recording. You will hear a short ring to indicate that the iPhone is now recording. Press the “pause” or “stop” buttons as necessary when you’re ready to stop.
  2. Listen to your memo. If you want to listen to a memo that you’ve just recorded then simply tap the right facing arrow and it will play. If you want to listen to a previous recording, press the memo icon (three horizontal lines) on the bottom right of the screen. You can then select the message that you want to hear and press the right facing arrow to listen to it. Swipe along the status bar to skip ahead to a different part of the memo as needed.
  3. Delete, label, trim and edit memos. Go to the memo list and select the one you want to edit. On this screen, you can delete the memo by tapping that option on the bottom right of the screen. Alternately, tap the arrow to get more information about the recording. Here you can choose to edit it in a number of ways such as adding a label from pre-set options or creating a custom one. This is a useful option for organising your voice memos to read through them later. Note that another option is to trim the message. This allows you to eliminate blank spaces at the beginning and end of the recording. Simply drag the edges of the audio status bar inwards to the point you think is correct, tap the right facing arrow to preview your selection before going ahead and trimming the memo.
  4. Share your voice memos. Make someone’s day special by allowing them to hear your voice. Go to the voice memos icon, select the message that you want to send and tap “share”. Choose whether you want to share it by email or by MMS. Complete the on-screen instructions to select your contact and send it.
  5. Sync your voice memos. Do this to create a backup of your memos in iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, go to the “devices” list and select the iPhone. Click “music”. Check the box that says “include voice memos”. Select “apply”.

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