MP Opposes Underground Phone Plan

For every advance there’s an opponent, a lazy Luddite who thinks the world reached perfection at the moment of their birth and that everything after that is dangerous insanity. The modern world makes it even easier for these human drag factors, as they don’t even have to come up with a reason to be scared of new technology – they can just say “terrorisms!”

One Conservative MP has highlighted a potential terror threat to underground users as plans progress to bring mobile phone coverage to the Tube in time for the London Olympics. Which, you’ll recognise as a good thing, especially if you’ve ever been stuck in a small cylinder of metal with nothing but angry commuters to stare at. Mr Mercer warned that wireless signals will allow terrorists to remotely detonate bombs – you know, the way they’re constantly doing over the entire rest of the country, which has mobile phone coverage. It’s a wonder there’s a single building still standing with the horrific menace of wireless signal blasting over us all.

Or maybe he’s just overreacting and we live in a world where it’s the actual explosive parts of the bomb which are dangerous. Not the circuits, or alarm clocks, or model aircraft parts, or even the lighters that could be used to detonate them.

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