Samsung To Back Windows Phone 7, Ignore Bada?

A Chinese mobile site has published a set of figures which indicate Samsung’s smartphone OS intentions for 2011, and they make for very interesting reading. They say that for all Samsung smartphones released next year, 63% will use Windows Phone 7, 32% Google Android and 6% their own Bada platform.

If these figures are correct, it’s a surprising move given that Windows Phone 7 is still in its infancy, and that Samsung has a well-established relationship with Google. Take for example the Galaxy S which has been reworked and renamed the world over, plus the forthcoming Nexus S, rumoured to be Samsung designed and manufactured.

Samsung already have the Omnia 7 and the Focus running Windows Phone 7, and obviously don’t have the same issue that Sony Ericsson highlighted recently concerning standardisation. Nonetheless, that’s double the amount of Windows Phone 7 devices coming out of Samsung HQ than Android phones, making us wonder just how different they’ll all be.

But what of Bada? The Wave is the only mobile using the OS to make a splash (sorry), with subsequent phones rarely capturing the public’s imagination. Given the amount of money that must have been spent on Bada, if we were asked to come up with a pie chart of our own before seeing this one, we would have had a far more even split.

We imagine more information on Samsung’s plans for 2011 will become clear during Mobile World Congress in February.

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