Top Motoring Mobile Phone Apps

The Highways Agency

This is a free app from the Government and is a really useful tool for anyone who commutes through busy areas on a regular basis.  It provides information on congestion, accidents and delays for all the major highways across the UK and can also alert you via a radio feature to keep you really up-to-date.

Fill That Hole

Last winter’s unexpectedly cold winter had an unexpected effect on Britain’s roads.  Snowploughs dealing with the heavy snowfalls caused thousands of potholes all over the country.  Since the thaw, local councils have been doing their best to fix these, but there are still a lot of dangerous holes in the road.  If you come across them on your travels, report them with this app.

LED Torch Flashlight

This application is indispensable on long, dark winter nights and will help to keep you safe as you go from your car or the bus stop.  It is also free and utilises the flash on the back of the iPhone 4 by turning it into a bright torch.


The best known online car dealership in Britain also has a mobile version which allows you to do pretty much what you can do on their website.  You can search for car prices, track if there is any interest in the car you are selling and have some pleasant daydreams looking up Aston Martins and Ferraris.

This app is in a similar vein to Autotrader and provides a wealth of information on new and used cars for sale.  As well as a lot of information on car models, they pride themselves on an innovative search function that matches users to their ideal cars.

Sixt – car rental

Sixt was one of the first car rental companies to launch a mobile app – and it’s a good one.  The full booking service, with customer service support is available through this app. GPS search to find your local Sixt office is included it can be accessed in nine languages.

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